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CNN Top Stories:
President was enthusiastic after his remarks embracing Putin but grew sour as coverage played out
7/17/2018 8:41 AM
President Donald Trump was upbeat immediately after his news conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, but by the time he returned stateside, his mood had soured considerably amid sustained fury at his extraordinary embrace of the Russian leader. Read More
Affirmed by Rand Paul: Senator sides with Trump on US intel
7/16/2018 5:27 PM
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sides with President Trump following Trump"s undercutting of US intelligence during a press conference with Russia"s Vladimir Putin. ...Read More
Not this time: Top Republicans break with Trump over comments
7/16/2018 7:31 PM
After President Donald Trump"s stunning news conference Monday next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, members of Congress -- including some powerful Republicans -- were quick to rebuke Trump"s performance on the world stage and Trump"s refusal to call Putin out for interfering in the US election. Read More
Opinion: How long can his war Cabinet tolerate Trump"s farce?
7/16/2018 10:43 PM
How much longer can the foreign policy leaders in President Donald Trump"s Cabinet stick by this President? ...Read More
Comedians weigh in: Trump met his "KGBFF, Vladimir Putin"
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
...Read More
"How bad was that?" Trump aides question damage done
7/16/2018 5:32 PM
President Donald Trump hoped his hotly anticipated summit talks with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would amount to a triumphant television event. Instead, he returns to Washington facing sharp rebukes even from allies as his stunned aides wonder what went wrong. Read More
Ex-Fox News analyst unloads: Trump licked Putin"s boots
7/16/2018 8:01 PM
Retired Lt. Col. and former Fox analyst Ralph Peters gives his take on President Trump"s performance today during his meeting and news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. ...Read More
Trump caved to Putin. Here"s how things could play out
7/17/2018 8:40 AM
For as long as history remembers Donald Trump, it will be a day that will live in infamy. ...Read More
Putin justifies DNC hack because information that came from it was true
7/16/2018 7:07 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed to justify the hacking of Democrats because the information dispersed was true, after denying that Russia had interfered in the US 2016 presidential election. ...Read More
Fallout after meeting
7/17/2018 7:24 AM
...Read More

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