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As a new day dawns in DC, it"s still unclear if Republican leaders have enough support to keep the government open
1/18/2018 1:07 AM
House Republican leaders are moving toward a vote Thursday to avoid a shutdown, but as a new day dawns in Washington, it"s still unclear if GOP leaders have enough support to keep the government open. ...Read More
Analysis: GOP are going to get blamed for a government shutdown
1/18/2018 2:53 AM
If House Republicans can"t find a way to wrangle their always-fractious conference to support legislation that would avoid a government shutdown by Friday night, they are likely to bear the brunt of the blame for the closure and pay a serious political price as well. Read More
Anderson Cooper: Trump foils WH attempt to shift blame
1/18/2018 12:24 AM
As Congress and the White House work toward an immigration deal while trying to avoid a government shutdown, there is finger pointing on both sides over who"s to blame for the delay. CNN"s Anderson Cooper reports. ...Read More
WH official: Trump has been "pretty clear" about what it will take for DACA deal
1/17/2018 10:28 PM
Amid confusion in Washington over what kind of immigration bill President Donald Trump would sign, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told CNN"s Chris Cuomo on Wednesday that the President has made his priorities clear. ...Read More
Rep. Jordan: Dems to blame if government shuts down
1/17/2018 10:13 PM
Republican Rep. Jim Jordan on Wednesday argued that if the government does shut down Friday due to lack of funding, the Democrats will be to blame for prioritizing amnesty over funding of the military. ...Read More
This is what happens during a government shutdown
1/17/2018 10:15 PM
If Congress is unable to pass a funding proposal -- which, at this point, looks very possible -- the federal government will shut down Friday. ...Read More
Chris Cuomo spars with WH staffer over DHS report
1/17/2018 9:30 PM
White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah defends the Trump administration report on terrorism and its statistics on the immigrant population. ...Read More
DHS to block Haitians from temporary visas
1/17/2018 10:22 PM
The Department of Homeland Security will stop allowing Haitians to get temporary agricultural and seasonal visas -- a move that comes amid concerns about the Trump administration"s feelings toward immigrants of that country and broader restrictions on legal immigration. Read More
Kelly: Some of Trump"s wall promises "not fully informed"
1/17/2018 4:47 PM
White House chief of staff John Kelly, in talking about the wall and immigration, told Democratic lawmakers Wednesday that some of President Donald Trump"s positions as a candidate were uninformed, sources told CNN. ...Read More
John Kelly: Immigration "hardass"
1/17/2018 10:17 PM
The escalating immigration drama is crystallizing for some lawmakers and presidential advisers their long-held views of John Kelly, President Donald Trump"s chief of staff: He"s a fierce advocate for hardline policies that drastically limit the number of people entering the US. And he"ll remain so, even as the government barrels toward a potential ...Read More

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